AccessDx PGx Profile Drives Greater Precision in Medication Optimization

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AccessDx PGx Profile Drives Greater Precision in Medication Optimization

Comprehensive genetic panel, based on current clinical evidence, helps providers choose treatments that deliver therapeutic value sooner, with fewer side effects

HOUSTON – February 28, 2022 – AccessDx Laboratory, a global provider of advanced laboratory diagnostics solutions, has introduced an expanded pharmacogenomics (PGx) test that improves the quality, availability, and actionability of drug-gene insights within the clinical workflow. The AccessDx PGx Profile is designed to help providers identify potential risks for adverse drug reactions or reduced medication efficacy.

Based on years of clinical and diagnostic research, laboratory expertise, and technical refinements, the AccessDx PGx Profile assesses a targeted range of individual genes and genetic variants. Results can help providers evaluate risks associated with an extensive list of medications known to be influenced by genetic variants to optimize treatment. The panel provides deep insights related to specific ethnic indicators, clinical areas, and medical conditions, so it can be leveraged across a broad spectrum of specialties. Primary care providers and cardiologists may consider results from the AccessDx PGx Profile along with clinical information to treat patients with high LDL levels, for example, while oncologists may use these insights to assist in the selection of medications and precise doses for chemotherapy patients.

“The pace of discovery in precision medicine continues to accelerate and the AccessDx PGx Profile underscores our commitment to delivering the most current, evidence-based information available,” says Houda Hachad, PharmD, M. Res., Vice President of Clinical Operations at AccessDx Laboratory. She notes that genes assessed in the panel were specifically selected because they are supported by relevant and current clinical guidance from industry-leading professional associations. “The high quality and comprehensive nature of the PGx Profile means providers can more readily incorporate drug-gene data as a component of their clinical decision making, helping them optimize medication decisions to benefit more patients.”

The science of pharmacogenomics detects potential drug-gene interactions – revealing, for example, whether genetic variants might cause a patient to metabolize a particular medication too quickly (diminishing or negating its efficacy) or too slowly (rendering it ineffective or even toxic). PGx insights empower providers with information specific to each patient about which medications – or combination of medications – are least likely to trigger adverse events or fail to deliver desired therapeutic benefits.

“AccessDx is proud to partner with leaders across the healthcare space – from health systems to long-term care providers to self-insured employers – to ensure the latest actionable PGx insights are part clinical workflow,” says Bryon Cipriani, Executive Vice President for AccessDx Laboratory. “We are deeply committed to helping maximize the value our tools deliver as organizations scale their precision medicine efforts.”


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