Introducing the AccessDx PGx Profile

Enabling greater precision for medication optimization

Based on years of clinical and diagnostic research, laboratory expertise, and technical refinements, the AccessDx PGx Profile assesses and interprets a targeted range of individual genes and genetic variants. The PGx Profile results and associated personalized medication insights can help clinical providers evaluate risks associated with medications known to be influenced by genetic variants to help optimize treatments. The panel provides deep insights related to specific ethnic indicators, clinical areas, and medical conditions, so it can be leveraged across a broad spectrum of specialties when matched to high-quality clinical evidence.

The AccessDx PGx Profile utilizes an intuitive reporting format to clearly identify relevant insights and clinical evidence levels to assist clinicians and pharmacy partners in determining the best treatments for patients.

The AccessDx Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Profile

The AccessDx PGx Profile assesses a targeted range of individual genes and genetic variants – based on the most current, evidence-based clinical information available. Providers can then incorporate results into their overall clinical assessment to personalize treatments for patients, helping them achieve optimal results with fewer side effects.

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