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AccessDx Laboratory is a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and NYCQ diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing clinical insights that improve patient outcomes.

We are a multidisciplinary team of laboratorians, scientists, and software engineers with decades of experience dedicated to improving patient care. Our expertise in molecular diagnostics, genomics, and clinical workflows has enabled us to serve a large community of healthcare providers and support their use of advanced diagnostics in clinical decision support. Together with our digital platform solutions, AccessDx provides end-to-end efficiency and reliability by streamlining all critical elements of a testing program, including patient intake, test ordering, result acquisition, and decision support.

Why AccessDx

At AccessDx Lab, we truly share our providers’ goals for improving patient outcomes. We work with our clients to deliver innovative diagnostics solutions for maximum clinical benefit and develop technology and operational support to seamlessly integrate advanced diagnostics within existing clinical decision workflows.

Our testing solutions are deployed within your existing infrastructures and clinical workflows, simplifying their use by the whole healthcare team.

  • Frictionless integration
  • Fast and accurate testing
  • Actionable genomic insights
  • Clinical and pharmacy decision support

Who We Serve

Thousands of healthcare providers, long-term care facilities, employers, and municipalities count on AccessDx Lab as their partner to deliver essential patient care and enhance clinical decision support. Our partners recognize our commitment to excellence and our dedicated laboratory operations and client success teams are ready to help serve the needs of our clients.

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