AccessDX Solutions and Services 

Integrated Genomic Solutions

Our proprietary integrated solution helps maximize response to therapy by evaluating both germline variants and somatic mutations to inform therapy decisions across the patient journey.   

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) evaluates the tumor’s DNA via a biopsy sample, analyzing somatic mutations for key characteristics. 

Pharmacogenomics testing (PGx), via a buccal swab, establishes a clear understanding of the patient’s potential drug/gene and drug/drug interaction by analyzing germline variants.

*NGS and PGx are also available separately. 

Solutions and Services Offered:

Integrated Genomic Diagnostics

  • Evaluates the key characteristics of the patient’s tumor through next-generation sequencing (NGS) as well as the patient’s metabolic profile (the potential drug/gene and drug/drug interactions) through pharmacogenomics testing (PGx)
  • Additional diagnostics are available to monitor a patient’s response once therapy has begun
  • AccessDX participates in a myriad of clinical studies, research initiatives and partnerships to extend the field of genomics

Actionable Intelligence and Reporting

  • AccessDX provides physicians and patients with immediately actionable, comprehensive reports
  • Specific diagnostic results, by testing relevant markers, enable physicians to quickly make decisions and identify appropriate therapy
  • Easy-to-understand reports with every step thoughtfully considered
  • Alternative drug assessment also available for the most commonly used drugs

Clinical Implications and Drug Monitoring

  • Proactive, predictive recommendations — following the initial diagnostics and reports, our certified molecular biologists, pathologists and technologists continuously discuss the clinical implications with physicians
  • Drug monitoring services — providing information on whether drug dosage adjustment is needed
  • PharmD call center available to all physicians